Personal Interests

Alison Palmer-Smith

Alison is a mother of many who co-ordinates and facilitates story telling events for various groups of disadvantaged people. She uses film and music as a core tool to help people to develop personal confidence through the discovery of practicable abilities. She has also produced a number of short campaigning documentary films which have been shown internationally. Ali is a creatrix, equally at home with Crackpots, or when playing saxophone. She has been a music consumer since early years and now enjoys the occasion to perform with, Horns a Plenty, The Barmy Army, Natty Mark Sound System and is a founding member of the VEAKS underground band.

Examples of work

Food 4 Thought
A 6 minute film made with young people with eating disorders.

The Ups of Downs
A 10 minute film about the life of a young man with Downs Syndrome.

Peoples Supermarket
A 4.5 minute film made on Film Oxford course with mixed ability group.

David Urmston

David graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 2006 with a BSc. in Information Systems. Community development projects and small charity management duties have kept him off the streets since the 1980's and given him a life time of experience that comes from swimming against the tide.

Jeff Peirce

Unfortunately April 2018 was the month that SOMA lost Jeff Peirce to the river Thames.

Jeff, one of SOMA's founder members handled general enquiries for SOMA and also advised on state benefits, housing rights, disabilities and mental health issues. Jeff's particular focus was on homelessness which has developed through his own experiences and those of many friends and acquaintances.

Sharing spiritual exploration of the missing pathways through this life brought us closer, Eastern Mysticism and Daoist/Buddhist philosophies combined in a pagan celebration of all life. Jeff compiled some notes on the subject of personal transformation and these can be found in the following document which is available to read by using the following link, produced in Adobe Acrobat Reader format. Tantra of Blowing the Mind.pdf
Please download and share these ancient pearls of wisdom

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