Plans and Drawings

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This page contains plans and drawings which have come about during the process of becoming a registered housing co-operative. Some are speculative, being attempts to define what we are now doing and so they provide a kind of time line of the development of our thought processes. Hopefully as time goes by more will be added which get down to the details and will explain in a few pictures where a thousand words would only be incomprehensible.
an artists sketch, an impression of sustainable homes in a fantastic garden an artists sketch, an artists sketch, plan view of the proposed site

Also illustrated above is part of Oxford PC Solutions plan for combating flooding by repopulating the woodlands and river margins with dwellings for rural workers. The strategy intends to avoid the obvious pitfalls which are holding back economic development. ie; The lack of affordable homes in the locality, very limited public transport systems in rural parts creating difficulties getting to work, combined with very low wages for many rural workers.

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